Poodle Doodle Info

Standard Poodles are water and sporting dogs. Std. poodles are also know for there protectiveness and elegance. last year a poodle won the trials in duck hunting. They get there crazy hair cuts because there hair would weigh them down when swimming and they would drown so, they would leave just enough hair on there joints and body to warm them while swimming. poodle have no dander because they have no fur, only hair like you and I. That is why they need to be groomed or get they hair cut because they NEVER shed, that make them hypoallergenic. Standard poodle is the second smartest dog the first is a border collie. a Labrador is number 8 on the list.

Border collies are herding and work dogs. Border collies are very loyal and friendly to all creatures. They are considered the smartest dog all they want to do is please there owner. They also can learn up 300+ phrases (not words, “phrases”). I truly believe they understand everything you say. Just tell them what you want and they will get the job done!

Why the mix? The top two smartest dogs are border collie and std. poodle they will be very low shedding and somewhat hypoallergenic. Personal I wanted a border collie that doesn’t shed like a big dog. A border doodle will be the easy to train and most loyal dog there is. they are beautiful and elegant, with a rough and tough side to them. they will be great hunting dogs but they may just want to herd ducks.

Both breeds are runners and would not do well in an apartment. They really need a yard. We kennel train all of our dogs because dogs are “den dogs” and while they are puppies we would lock them in their kennel at night and when we leave during the day. Now, that our dogs are older they just automatically sleep in there kennels because that’s there “den” they feel protected in there and they can’t get ambushed (by the cat). It is their  home! We have no need to lock them in there anymore because they want to be there.Puppies If left alone like all other puppies for long period of time they might cause trouble if not kenneled. Also a normal dog ( or puppy) will not soil in there own bed (unless they are sick or left unattended for way to long). Puppies need a potty break every couple hours.