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2013 Denver Poodle Doodles
Thank you for visiting Denver Poodle Doodle! We currently have NO puppies available at this time! Our next litter will not be until the summer of 2014. We plan on breeding Ziva this June.

Puppies are priced around $1000 (depending on size, color and gender). Due to the high interest, we do not keep an active waiting list. Please keep checking the web-site (we keep it updated).

We are a Home breeder and all of our puppies are hand raised. Our Mom’s are family members and we give them a year (or two) off between litters. So, this next litter might be our last.

Feel free to call or contact me with any questions!

Mommy The Mother
Abby is AKC registered, (full bred) Standard poodle. She has many champions in her line. She is solid black (Now she has some gray, from being an old mother). She is 5 yrs old. She is very affectionate, smart, and full of fun. This is her LAST litter. She has had 2 other previous litters.

View her 2010 litter or her 2011 litter.

palliThe Father:
Abigayle is being bred with Palli, a Blue Merle Border Collie Show dog. Palli has 4 Class Wins with 2 Winners Dog Awards in 2011 and 8 Class Wins with 3 Winners Dog Awards in 2012. We are expecting Abigayle’s puppies around August 1st!

If you’re interested in a Border-Doodle puppy, please send me an email.

Ziva’s 2012 litter

Denver Poodle Doodle Puppies
Denver Poodle Doodle Puppies